Arva Eco Snow Shovel

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Arva Eco Snow Shovel

A great Snow Shovel from Arva, consists of a aluminium shaft that easily snaps into a 2mm thick polydrox painted aluminum blade. And a Resilient polycarbonate T shape shovel handle with grips for traction, When disconnected, the parts are slim enough to stow easily in a pack. Great for avalance rescues and also for general use on the mountain, digging a snow cave in a survual situation or making a small kicker to have some fun on.

Arva Eco Snow Shovel Features

Aluminium shaft

2mm Thick polydrox painted aluminium blade

Resilient polycarbonate T shape handle

Great for survival, situations and building the odd kicker.

Blade size 24.5cm x 30cm


Arva Eco Snow Shovel Weights & Dimensions

Weight : 440 g  Length : 63.5 cm