Deeluxe Yusaku Dayze With Performance Flex Liner

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Deeluxe Yusaku Dayze With Performance Flex Liner

From handrails to pillows, the Yusaku can handle it all. For a skate-like feel, Yusaku Horii’s signature model sports a low profile sole and a blend of C3 and traditional lacing. As a collaboration with Dayze, it also oozes style.

Deeluxe Yusaku Dayze With Performance Flex Liner Specifications & Features:

A blend of traditional lacing and a speed lacing ankle system maximize comfort and performance Concrete, snow, and steel — Yusaku Horii’s signature model can handle it all

Fresh style comes compliments of a collaboration between Deeluxe and Dayze

Dupont surlyn highback-the highback contributes to the durability and stability of the boot. Combined with additional reinforcements, the highback also aids in dictating its stiffness.

Waterproof constrction-precise stitching and a sandwich construction ensure water can’t penetrate the boot’s shell. After all, a dry foot is a happy foot.

Powerstrap-by securing the calf in place the powerstrap adds additional support to a boot’s lacing system.

The Performance Flex liner is designed to offer premium performance and optimal support.

The highback provides stability while special L-shaped pads anchor the heel.


SEASON 15/16