Dr. Gee's Fabric Wax Bar

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Dr. Gee´s Fabric Wax Bar

"Impragnierwachs - Wachsjacken und Baumwollstoffe" 

Dr. Gee´s Imprägnierwachs is a real good fabric wax made from pure bees wax and paraffin.
Fabrics that are treated with this wax become highly water repellent, more sturdy and last longer in harsh conditions.
It is recommended for the use on all wax jackets, waxed canvas oil jackets, Duster, riding coats etc., G-1000® and all fabric that is part cotton or canvas.
Make sure to have a piece of Dr. Gee´s with you as you go on tour. You can reapply some on your Jacket or trousers as needed.
Just use the hot bottom of a kettle or the stove to melt the wax into the garment.

Ingredients: Paraffine, bees wax
content: 100 grams

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