Exo Tac Candle Tin Nano Three Pack

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Exo Tac Candle Tin Nano Three Pack

The candleTIN™ series offers the most versatile natural wax candle on the market. The candleTIN™ Nano is a lightweight packable version of our popular beeswax candle that is the same size as a standard tealight. These are light enough to carry in a first aid kit or throw in a pack and will still provide at least 4hrs of burn time each. The candleTIN™ Nano is great for emergency situations where you need some light or a little added warmth. While small, they pack quite a punch and can warm up a small area in a pinch. Weighing less than 1oz, there's no reason not to throw one in your pack.

Exo Tac Candle Tin Nano Three Pack Features

100% beeswax Tealight candle

3 candles per pack

4hr burn time per candle

Screw on lid protects candles in transit

Premium beeswax burns hotter and longer

Reusable tin

Made in the USA