Exo Tac BMQR .380 Magnetic Quick Release Key Chain

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Exo Tac BMQR .380 Magnetic Quick Release Key Chain

The BMQR .380™ is a magnetic quick release for your keychain modeled after a .380 caliber bullet. The BMQR .380™ works in conjunction with our FREEKey™ Slim System allowing you to quickly swap out car keys without the hassle of a traditional keyring.

The BMQR .380™ was derived from the original Magnetic Quick Release (MQR) by Brad at www.tacticalkeychains.com. We loved his MQR so much that we worked with him to make it even better!


Exo Tac BMQR .380 Magnetic Quick Release Key Chain Specifications & Features:

Stainless Steel Casing with Copper Bullet
The the casing of the BMQR .380™ is made from non corrosive stainless steel while the bullet is made from copper. It is finished with laser marked lettering that won't scratch off.
Designed to Fit on the FREEKey™ Slim Systemy Rings
Works perfectly on the FREEKey™ Slim System and Accessory Rings for the FREEKey™ Slim System

Made In The USA