Hazard 4 Pillbox Hardshell Day Pack Coyote

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Hazard 4 Pillbox Hardshell Day Pack 

The Hazard 4 Pillbox is a unique day-pack. Made exclusively from a light weight thermoformed shell, designed to protect items such as optics from being crushed, etc. The hard-shell exterior is perfectly suitable for loop, tie-down, carabiner and many other forms of attachment. Complete with M.O.L.L.E and compression straps for increasing and adjusting storage capacity, and a belt and strap system for secure carrying. Suitable for those who want to transport delicate equipment safely.
- Lightweight thermoformed hard bodyshell
- Designed for protection
- Suitable for loop, tie-down, carabiner and other forms of attachment
- Complete with M.O.L.L.E
- Comes with compression straps
- Increased and adustable storage capacity
- Includes belt and strap system
- Utilises the revolutionary Hardpoint attachment System

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