Highlander Schemagh Scarf

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Highlander Schemagh Scarf
The Shemagh is designed to protect the head in desert or temperate climes and can be worn in multiple ways.
Its also a great piece of kit for survival situations and for bug out bags as it has so many other uses, a real survival must have!
Here are a few ideas -
travel pillow
Neck Gaiter for cold weather/Extra warmth/blanket
Pot Holder
Collecting Wild Edibles
Sun block for neck
Sling, emergency bandage
Waist pack/pouch
Hobo Pack
Padding a hotspot
Toilet Paper
Mark a Trail
Dish Rag
Pre-water Filter
Clean Glasses and other lens
Ear Muffs
Dust Mask (in Urban Survival)
Wet and wear for Hot Weather
Dimensions: 110x115cm
Material: 100% cotton