Kershaw Ration Spork

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Kershaw Ration Spork
You know you need this tool.
If you camp, backpack, hike, or hunt, you know you need this.
If you have to grab lunch between classes, you know you need this.
If you eat lunch at your desk, you really know you need this. Of course, the Kershaw Ration spoon-and-fork tool is compact.
But it's a compact tool that also offers a generously sized spoon—so you can get a real mouthful of that soup or chili you’re eating—as well as a fork with tines long enough to actually be useful.
As a convenient bonus, it also has a built-in carabiner, so it’s easy to clip to a backpack, briefcase, or purse to make sure you have it when you need it.
Kershaw Ration Spork Specifications and Features:
Brand Kershaw
Product Material Stainless Steel
Blade Colour Silver
Handle Material Stainless Steel
Handle Colour Silver
Overall Length 4.6" (11.7cm)
Weight 1.28oz (36.3 grams)