KinetiXx X-SIREX Tactical Gloves

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KinetiXx X-SIREX Tactical Gloves

All Purpose Search & Operations Glove
Perfect for all general official operations and searches requiring a high degree of tactility and dexterity. Ideal for firing practice.

Specs & Features:

Ergonomically perfect fit for the hand
Full range of movement thanks to bi-elastic material on the back of the hand
Good abrasion resistance
Good grip thanks to digital leather on the palm
Perfect fit due to Velcro fastening
Military Special Forces
General police duties, arrests/ transport of detainees
Ergonomic shape
Tactical/ high sensitivity

Due to the large range by KinetiXx and all of the colours and sizes. Some items may have a longer lead time.
This however is usually only 3 to 5 days.