MacPac Aztec Zip Pouch Large

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MacPac Aztec Zip Pouch Large
The Macpac AzTec Zip Pouch is suitable for a variety of uses. Made from hard-wearing Eco AzTec that protects contents and will last for years of constant use.
Evolved to match the demanding New Zealand and Australian environments, AZTEC® fabrics are at the core of Macpac’s formidable reputation for rugged, weatherproof packs. AZTEC® fabrics are constructed from a unique blend of hard wearing, long staple cottons and abrasion, and rot-resistant polyester fibres. These fibres are plied together to create yarns that are tightly woven in a durable cloth. Different yarns are used to create each type of AZTEC® fabric which gives them unique properties. The cloth is saturated in a blend of resins and waxes to create a weather-proof fabric. In wet conditions, the natural swelling of the cotton fibres fills airspaces to enhance the weather-proofness of AZTEC® fabric. In a world of disposable technology, AZTEC® canvas shows our commitment to sustainability through creating high quality, durable products.
Material : Eco AzTec Canvas
Size (cm) : 12x20x0,5