Outhaus Landie Tent 2.0

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Outhaus Landie Tent 2.0

*New GREEN version

3 Season Tent, Sleeps 2/3, 5000mm tubbed groundsheet, inner tent made from fine insect mesh, outer tent made from 3000mm ripstop polyester. Single central window and zipped doors at both ends, with internal YKK zipped mesh inner. Needs no poles, simply hangs from your 4×4 for support, or can be fitted to an awning using the optional spreader bar.

Ideal mounting range: 180-220cm from ground
Internal height: 170cm
Floor area: 190 x 160cm
External footprint: 230 x 200cm (excl. guys)
All measurements are approximate

Note: Only available in green ripstop; sand colour photos for reference only.


This patented, innovative design is a tent that stays on the vehicle and can be erected within about two minutes from turning your engine off.

When Steve of LandieBox looked at the market for either a tent or a roof tent to go on his travels he couldn’t find anything to suit either his needs or pockets. So he spent 18 months making a great alternative for people who travel and move on – either stopping overnight or for the weekend.

The design goal was a tent that went up fast, had no fiddly poles that could get lost or broken – and a tent that you could stand up in, was light and would sleep 2 adults comfortably, 3 at a push.

If your companions are shy or there are more than a couple of you why not hang a tent on either side of your Land Rover? That way you can comfortably sleep 4 adults or a maximum of 6.

Additionally Steve wanted a double skin tent so that the outer could be rolled up to enjoy the scenery and get plenty of air on hot nights. What is the point of travelling to far flung places if you can’t see the stars?

Enjoying the stars is one thing but you don’t want to also share the view with nasty insects that buzz in the night and bite, so the inner is built from “No see um” mesh to give you the best protection whilst not restricting your view.

So at the end of a long day you park your Land Rover, drop your tent from its bag and settle down leaving the side of the vehicle without the tent to act as both a wind and weather break.

In the morning when it is time to move on your tent quickly rolls up into the bag and you flip it over back onto the roof rack.

Though originally designed with Land Rover Defenders in mind, you can happily use the tent with any other vehicle with a roof rack, as long as you can set the tent at the right height (about 180-220cm). The photos show our Discovery that doesn't have a roof rack, just bars, so the tent is strapped up to a closed awning. In other photos we have the tent fitted to the deployed pull out awning using a spreader bar. So you can see that there is a lot of flexibility to mounting the Landie Tent - we've even had it strung up on a paracord ridgeline in the woods to good effect.