PASGT Surplus Flak Vest U.S Woodland

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PASGT Flak Vest

This is the classic PASGT ballistic vest  which stands for "Personnel Armor System for Ground Troops" And it is a U.S military surplus flak jacket from the 1980s, used through to the mid 2000's and is in great condition, With original care guide/manual.

Specs and Info:

Also know as a frag vest

U.S Woodland camo "bdu"

Fragmentation protective vest

Made with Kevlar

Front opening

Front pockets

Cold war era but has seen action in Iraq and Afghanistan

Ballistic collar

Other camo covers are available.

Designed to help stop shrapnel , and slow down and stop some small arms fire, belived to be rated at - NIJ level IIA but not guaranteed.

Vintage, Used but in great condition

Great talking point

Sold as a collectors items, Or for re-enactment / airsoft use, and for preppers. We can not be held responsible for the miss use of this item.