Primus Openfire Pack Sack

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Primus Openfire Pack Sack

Smart outdoor bag for transport and storage
OpenFire Packsack is a smart accessory for the transport and storage of the Primus OpenFire pans and the Kamoto FirePit. The bag has loops on the outside to attach to the straps on a backpack.

Protect your clothes and car by taking home your used Kamoto or dirty pans in the bag. When you get home, all you need to do is turn it inside out, rinse it and let it dry. The sack is made of nylon with a PU-coated inside, which makes it easy to rinse off.

Primus Openfire Pack Sack Specifications & Features:

Nylon sack for transport and storage
Easy to clean
PU-coated inside
Weight 570 g
Width 70 mm

Height 770 mm
Depth 490 mm