Princeton Tec Pilot LED

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Princeton Tec Pilot LED
The Pilot LED is a backup accessory light that is compatible with most headlamp straps. If you own a headlamp with wires connecting to rear or remote battery packs, you can replace the standard wire clip by using the Pilot system’s built-in wire holder. You can also opt to attach the 15-gram Pilot to your backpack or hydration straps. Whichever attachment option you choose, you will have the security of always having a backup light nearby. The Pilot can be easily detached from its clip base for use as a handheld light or as a marking light set on the blinking/ signalling mode.
Power - 2.1 Lumens
Lamp - 1 Ultrabright LED
Burn Time - 14 Hours
Batteries - 2x 2016 Lithium Coin Cell (included)
Weight - 15g With Batteries