Silva Scout 2X Headtorch

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Silva Scout 2X Headtorch

With additional features such as night vision preservation and battery level indicator, this is the hobby-use headlamp in our Scout 2 series. This is the perfect companion for mountain and camping tourists who appreciate outdoor activities both at day and night.

An X can actually make a difference. In this case, it means more powerful light, longer beam of light and an extra red light that preserves night vision. The Scout 2X is also equipped with a battery level indicator and a large power button, so you can operate the headlamp with gloves. This headlamp will be your reliable companion wherever you travel.

Scout 2 Series
Scout is Silva's simplest headlamp, but despite that, it provides a good slide, has good battery capacity and several smart features. It's perfect for easier outdoor adventures like hiking, camping trip or just when you're going for a dog walk. One can have a Scout headlamp in the car, in case one should be left along the road to fix a puncture or other. The difference between the different Scout models is the brightness (number of lumens), the battery pack and some other functions.

Silva Scout 2X Headtorch Specifications and Features:

• 300 LUMENS
The headlamp has a light effect of 300 lumens.
The product meets the IPX5 standard; withstands a lot of rain and water from any direction.
The scale is optimized to be as light and flexible as possible.
Optimizes the light pattern with a unique combination of a long-range spotlight and a short-range floodlight.