SOL Fire Lite Kit in Dry Bag

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SOL Fire Lite Kit in Dry Bag

Set the campfire ablaze with the S.O.L. Fire Lite Kit. This fire starting kit will help to start your campfire for s'mores or a warm fire when survival is most important. Weighing at only 0.2 ounces, the kit is compact for travel and still contains all the essentials you need to start up to 20 fires in any weather conditions. The DryFlex bag will keep the contents in a portable case and protect them from the elements. 20 pieces of waterproof and windproof Tinder Quik will burn up to 3 minutes each, to help get your fire going. Tinder Quik even works when wet, to keep your warm no matter the weather. The survival kit also includes the S.O.L. Fire Lite Sparker. It’s a one-handed fire sparker able to produce a shower of sparks with one flick. It can produce up to 5,000 sparks for long-lasting use. It’ll spark in any altitude and weather condition for a reliable camp fire starter. The compact kit also includes comprehensive instructions with helpful tips on picking kindling, starting a fire, and how to safely maintain the fire outdoors. Whether you need basic camping accessories or want an emergency survival kit that can fit in the palm of your hand, this fire kit includes everything you need to make fire starting easy and quick.

SOL Fire Lite Kit in Dry Bag Specifications & Features:

12 Pieces of Tinder Quik™
Lightweight, easy-to-use tinder works in all weather.
10 Feet of Tinder Cord
All-purpose utility cord for emergencies features a waxed cotton core to use as a punk to light stoves and start fires.
Fire Lite™ Micro Sparker
One-handed operation, produces up to 5,000 sparks in any weather.
Water-Resistant Dry Bag
Clear front panel allows you to see what you have on hand and keeps your essentials dry.

Package Size: 3.5" x 4"
Package Weight: 6 oz.
Item #: 0140-1234

SOL Fire Lite™ Micro Sparker Specifications & Features:

One-Handed Operation
Produce up to 5,000 sparks by simply rolling your thumb over the flint.
Micro Sparkers so you can be sure you always have a fire starter on hand.
Easy to Use
Follow the directional arrow to reliably produce sparks in any weather.
Small and Lightweight
Fits in the palm of your hand, pack this fire starter in any emergency kit.
Non-Slip Grip
The rubberized handle provides a secure grip, even in cold conditions.