Stubai White Star Ice Axe With Grip & Wrist Leash

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Stubai White Star Ice Axe with grip & wrist leash

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Designed with the classical alpinist in mind The White Star Ice Axe has a really robust construction and features a single piece, forged steel pick and shovel with a tough rubber grip for added traction/grip and comfort. An added wrist loop strap keeps the White Star at your side at all times.
The forged steel base point penetrates tough snow conditions for anchor points and belays and offers support on approaches.
From the Cold wintery Highlands to spring in the Stubai Valley, the White Star ice axe from Stubai gives you a brilliant alpine ice tool at an affordable price.
A great well balanced piece of kit for entry level mountaineers and professionals alike.
Mountaineering all-rounder.
Forged steel head.
Certification Type: T
Weight: 620-750g Dependent on size
Available in 52/59/66/73cm
Adjustable wrist leash
Rubber grip
Resistance: 400kg, T-rated shaft
For: Classic mountaineering, hill walking, low grade climbs
This Ice Axe is the 66cm

"For outdoors enthusiats and mountain sportsmen, the reliability of our equipment plays a major part in being able to use it safely. The magnetic attraction we feel towards Mother Nature can only exist if we have absolute trust in our equipment.
At Stubai, we use the latest manufacturing techniques, the best materials, constant quality controls, and not least, all of our 110+ years of experience to ensure that our products have become valued companions for so many mountain sports lovers, and will continue to do so for many more.
Our core values of innovation, quality and safety are underlined by our passionate team of experienced climbers, mountaineers and engineers, who are constantly testing, improving and expanding our range. We have tested our equipment all over the world, but we have the great privelege of being able to do most of our testing in our own backyard - amongst the glorious peaks and glaciers of the Stubai Valley.
We consider it our duty to the many thousands of you all over the world, who depend on our Stubai products every day, to stay true to our values and to always seek to improve on your behalf."
- The Stubai Team
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