UST Knots Survvial Cards

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UST Knots Survvial Cards

These brand new survival cards are great for slipping in your bag when your out in the wilderness. A tiny product that can make a huge diffrence. The Learn & Live Knot Cards are a handy reference for the most common knots used outdoors. UST Brands is the ultimate survival gear manufacturer of emergency preparedness survival equipment and tools for outdoor and sporting activities. For over 78 years and four generations, UST Brands has manufactured and sourced the finest survival equipment on the market. By maintaining the highest standards in quality and service, our innovative products have been saving lives since 1936. UST brands offer a full range of product for survival situations and emergency preparedness — from outdoor rescue to home power cuts.

UST Knots Survvial Cards Features

Illustrates how to tie 11 essential knots

Waterproof for durable, outdoor referencing

A great tool to learn the basics of survival in the outdoors

Step-by-step instructions with photographic illustrations

Each set of informative cards are attached with a grommet so all cards stay together