UST Watertight Case 2.0 Yellow

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UST Watertight Case 2.0 Yellow

UST Brands brings to focus UST Marine – a diverse line of personal safety and survival aids made for inshore and offshore use that include personal locator lights, first aid kits, protective gear, survival kits and ditch bags. UST Marine offers the most innovative and useful survival products that YOUR life can ultimately depend on.  The watertight case is brilliant for keeping your smaller items dry and safe, great for keys, cards, cash, phones, matches and more, Perfect for survival bags, bug out bags and great for watersports.

UST Watertight Case 2.0 Yellow Features

Keeps valuables secure and dry

Holds keys, credit cards and other small essentials

Shatterproof polycarbonate case with O-ring seals for impact and water resistance

Lanyard and carabiner included

Size 2.0 Holds iPhone® or Samsung Galaxy® (or both together)

UST Watertight Case 2.0 Yellow Weights & Dimensions

Weight : 72 g Depth : 2.9 cm Width : 8.1 cm Length : 13.8 cm