Yukon Advanced Optics Ranger LT 6.5x42 Night Vision 

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Yukon Advanced Optics Ranger LT 6.5x42 Night Vision 
The original Yukon Ranger was launched in the UK in 2006 and was one of the first Digital Night Vision Devices available. It was hugely popular, selling in excess of 5000 units until being discontinued in late 2014. Yukon have now released the latest model in the series in the form of the Ranger LT 6.5x42.
Featuring an integrated LED IR illuminator with a 940nm wavelength that is practically invisible to the naked eye, 6.5x magnification, a 5° field of view and a CMOS sensor giving a 640x480 resolution on an LCD display. The Ranger LT 6.5x42 hosts an impressive battery life, with 6-12 hours of operation depending on the selected mode and as with all Digital Night Vision Devices, it can be turned on during the day without fear of damaging the unit.
Detection Range  -240m to 350m
IR Illuminator -The device is equipped with two integrated LED IR Illuminators; a short range covert 940nm IR illuminator and a high powered long range IR illuminator, which features a 15-stage power adjustment range, allowing the user to use the device for a wide range of operating distances.
High Resolution -The Ranger LT 6.5x42 uses a black and white CMOS 640x480 resolution sensor.
Operational information -Green icons and numbers are used on the data panel on the lower portion of the screen to display the current information in regards to the status of the device without interfering with the image being observed.
Operation Time -The device is powered by 6x AA batteries that can power the device for 6-12 hours depending on the mode of operation and if the integrated IR illuminator is in use.
Quick Replacement of Batteries -The batteries are contained in a special holder that is inserted into the battery compartment of the device. This means that even in the toughest of conditions, users can quickly and easily change the batteries without any hassle and the unit is supplied with an additional battery holder.
External Power Supply -The devices operation time can be significantly extended through the use of an external power supply that can be connected via the power jack.
Video Output -The unit features a video output jack, allowing the user to connect an external recording device or transmit the image to a secondary screen, such as a TV or monitor.
Protection Against Bright Light Sources -Digital Night Vision is resistant to bright light exposure, making it far more robust than image intensified night vision.
Note- Some specialist pieces of equipment may have a longer lead time.