Yukon Advanced Optics Signal RT N320 Night Vision

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Yukon Advanced Optics Signal RT N320 Night Vision
This digital NV monocular is designed with a lightweight and compact black bodyshell. The Signal RT N320 features Stream Vision Technology, which allows for live streaming and recording that can be carried out using a smart phone or tablet.
For situations where there is little ambient lighting or cloudy conditions, there is a built-in powerful 850nm LED IR illuminator, which boosts the devices detection range.
Signal RT N320
Magnification: 4.5-9.0x
Horizontal field of view: TBC
Detection range: 350m
In brief the Signal RT Series features:
Built-in video recording
Wide temperature range
Display-off mode
Variable magnification
Long detection range
Stream Vision compatible
Enhanced night-time sensitivity
Long Range IR illuminator
Wide angle viewing
Wi-Fi remote review and operation using smartphone
Onboard video & sound recording
Power bank charging
Built-in Video Recording
Capturing still images and video is seamless with the Signal’s built-in video recorder. Image and video content is stored internally and can easily be transferred to a PC or laptop via wired connection or Wi-Fi.
Display-Off Mode
During short periods of inactivity and better concealment, the Display Off powers down the display without interrupting other operating functions. Using Display Off means a much faster restart time when you require it most.
Variable Magnification
The Signal includes up to 4.5x magnification and feature both 2x step-up and smooth, graduated magnification for a truly optimum, customised field of view.
Long Detection Range
The Signal can detect up to 350m away
Stream Vision Compatible
The highlight of the Signal is the ability to link the device via Wi-Fi with Android and iOS based mobile units using the free mobile application, Stream Vision. The Stream Vision software connects the device with Android and iOS devices, enabling users to receive footage in real time mode to distantly operate the device with your smartphone and to stream the footage captured by the device direct to Youtube.
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