Open Day Recap

Open Day Recap

Hello all, 

A quick recap of our very wet and stormy open day this Saturday  "06/07/24" the first of many in our new shop.

First of all we wanted to start with a huge thank you to everyone who came down to say hello, support us and help us set up and make the teas and coffee!

Appreciate the milage some of you covered to come on over it really does mean a lot.

And it was fantastic to see the new shop buzzing with people, very exciting for us to have finally got to this stage in our little business.

For those of you who couldn't make it "we seemed to have picked a very busy weekend" So here's a few shots below,

We had the THULE FOOTHILL up and on display for people to check out as well as some JOBE paddleboards and the brand new for this year JOBE TASMAN 2 person kayak "minus the fin, pump and paddles which all come in the package"

For those of you who found the cold beverages , that was courtesy of the PETROMAX Kx25 which we have in store in sand "olive pictured" and all colours and sizes available to order.

As for some of the vehicles that came by, you can see those below.  Unfortunately we didn't take many shots due to being busy trying to chat to everyone.

Unfortunately i missed some of the other pickups and campers completely but there will be more open day/ shop meets moving forward.

Would anyone be interested in one later in the year as we move into winter ? showcasing the new SNOWBAORD GEAR and WINTER CLOTHING ? drop us a comment below.

As usual many thanks for taking 5 to have a read through and we hope to see you all soon.


Charlie & Luci and of course Little Forrest who many of you met this weekend.

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  • George Jillard

    Looks like an awesome day. Glad my bro made it and I will bring trusty old Eleanor next time! G

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