Hello and Welcome To Our first Blog Post

Hello and Welcome To Our first Blog Post

So to start of our very over due blog we would like to go back to the start and introduce ourselves and tell you what were all about, And what we want to use this blog space for.

Many of you already know us but for those that don't, We are Outdoor Adventurer owned and run by myself Charlie & partner luci, we have a small family who are usually with us on our trips as well being around the showroom, so your sure to bump into the whole family if you call on by. 

We started Outdoor Adventurer due to our love of the outdoors and partake in a few activities ourselves from hiking and paddleboarding to indoor climbing and snowboarding.  

The business side of things started around 10 years ago when we started off selling camping gear at outdoor events/shows mainly focusing on the campervan scene.  As things moved on and our suppliers grew we opened our first little shop on Weston Industrial Estate in a spare space that wasn't being used by our Flooring Business "Grinnall Carpets is also a family business run for almost 20 years"



This little space pictured above doubled in size in 2018 and kept us happy until the spring of 2023 when we moved next door into a larger space "still small by shop standards" 

The larger space we now occupy is much better suited for multiple customers, has better lighting and more room to show off the products we sell and although it still needs some tweaking its nearly how we want it to be.

How the one half of the shop currently sits "08/06/24"

As for what we want this blog space to be, we are thinking of sharing trips we have been on, new products, long term reviews, hiking with kids and general outdoor related content and chat!

If you've made it this far then Thank You and we hope to see you back soon.


Charlie & Luci


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