A range of whistles and signal mirrors for emergency situations that could save your life and others.  Often overlooked but so important.

Tips For Signalling:

The Alpine distress signal can be used to signal a mountain emergency situation. The emergency call is made using light signals, smoke signals or by waving and is recognized throughout the Alps.


6 signals, 10 seconds apart / 1 min rest / 6 signals, 10 seconds apart / etc.

The signal can be visual (headlamp, mirror, waving with a jacket or similar) or acoustic (whistle, shouting). The procedure should be repeated until you get an answer.

The answer usually takes the following form:

3 3 signals per minute / 1 min rest / 3 signals per minute
The distress signals and the answer do not need to be identical.


Air Rescue Signal:

To Signal if help is needed or not to low flying aircraft.