Outdoor Trade Show Liverpool 2024

Outdoor Trade Show Liverpool 2024

Outdoor Trade Show Liverpool 2024

Hi all, 

We are fresh back from the OTS show in Liverpool, This is a super important show for us to attend as it lets us catch up with our existing suppliers / brands as well as the opportunity to hunt out exciting new brands for us to work with and bring to you and get you Adventure Ready.

The show is based at the exhibition centre on the edge of the Mersey

meaning it has great access to the kings parade which was a lovely spot to take a break from the show, grab some lunch and fresh air.

Some shots from the parade:

Above: Looking down the Mersey towards the Irish Sea 


Above : MV Snowdrop passenger ferry with its dazzling paint work "built by Philip & Son Dartmouth and launched in October 1959" 

Below : You can also see the refit and repair work carried out on royal navy vessels at cammell laird 

Above: RFA Tideforce A139 / Logistical support to the royal navy.


So the show runs for three days but due to other commitments we only had a day to attend.

There's 112 exhibitors with stands jam packed full of awesome kit so its hard to see everyone we needed to and we think next year we may try and pace things out more over two days.

We started off at the JOBE stand to say hello and make sure we are up to date with the latest kit, In the picture you can see some of the new paddleboard colours in the background but most importantly you can see the new kayak models all set up and inflated, These are awesome bits of kit and come as a full package ready to get you on the water.  The range consists of three models and we currently have two available in store which are the CROFT "blue and green pictured" and the TASMAN "larger tourer model not pictured" the last of the three which is due in soon is the GAMA "blue and orange one pictured and is the middle price point"  we have all of these models listed on our website with two in stock in the showroom with prices of : Tasman £ 859.95 Gama £689.95 Croft £519.95 All info correct as of 20/06/24

Moving on we also got to see the brand new THULE OUTSET which is a towbar mounted tent as pictured below

a few quick pointers on the OUTSET, it can be mounted with one person and detached to leave at the camp site unlike a roof tent.  The mounting position on the towbar doesn't create excess drag like a roof mounted option and its elevated position off the ground is great for elderly campers aswell as being safer for children than a roof tent and also great if the dogs are staying with you too!

Not only that but it keeps you out of the mud and can be deployed on rocky ground, meaning no more worries with leaking or ripped groundsheets.  It has good headroom to sit up in and storage nets on the tow bar end of the tent as well as in the roof of the far end.

Its certainly not for everyone but it has a place in the market and should be considered, As with THULE the quality is great and things have been thought through thoroughly.  So if you are interested in more information, prices and delivery dates please feel free to contact us and mention the THULE OUTSET.


Amongst all the kit we browsed we found some really exciting products that unfortunately we cant mention and weren't allowed to photograph but trust us you'll love them when they hit the market in 2025!

Luckily not everything was under wraps, So we have got some new products on order and ready to hit the store very soon.  Like these Goodr sunglasses pictured below.

we have 12 models due into stock and should be with us by the end of june 24.

Some other gear thats about ready to start filtering in is from Primus and Silva, With new ultra light stoves and head torches aswell as camping lanterns and hiking poles as pictured.

A new carbon Z FOLD POLE by SILVA is in the works and will be inbound as soon as we can get our hands on it.

Other kit to mention: Huge new coolers coming from IGLOO with some plug in options too.  Aswell as some smaller lunch bag coolers for every day use and of course more of the classic playmate coolers!

Whilst on the subject of all things cool.... we may also be able to get our hands on DOMETIC cooling products soon but this hasn't been finalized yet, either way new coolers are hitting the store and they will be well suited for overland and camper builds.

New GERBER models including a nice new strap cutter which would be a great safety addition to any vehicle!

A company called GREGORY was showcasing lots of backpacks but we found their gear storage items particularly interesting so may look into stocking those ? We'd be very happy to hear your opinions on them " GREGORY ALPACA GEAR BOX 45" 

Too much epic climbing kit to mention, but as we filter through the kit and choose new products we will be sure to let you know.

Another possibility is the introduction of LUMINOX watches, so again it would be great to get some feed back and see if this would be of interest ? these are great timepieces that are trusted and requested by the U.S NAVY SEALS and other professional units.

A lighting product now by NEXTOOL which is picture below:

This is the Nextool wukong multifunctional camping lantern and can be configured in all of the ways shown above.  Its made from PA66+GF, ABS and Aluminum alloy, Its also rechargeable and comes complete with charging cable and lampshade.  We think its a great all-round bit of kit for the campsite as it can also be used as a handheld torch and it helps that it looks super cool to!

On to some clothing:

A firm favorite with us here at Outdoor Adventurer is KEELA clothing, So it was lovely to see the team again and say hello 

KEELA have lots of new kit in the pipeline which we cant wait to add to our collections, So keep your eyes peeled as we start to add this into our ranges....one we are particularly keen on is the men's glencoe jacket!

on the subject of the KEELA brand their new legacy project is worth a mention as its all about sustainability which we love!  KEELA have identified 7 areas where they can help save garments from the dreaded landfill heap and to read all about the project we urge you to head over to keelaoutdoors.com and have a read.

Moving onto another pre order for autumn winter 24 is some new clothing from swanndri 

We have some men's and women's options ordered and cant wait to get them in and try them ourselves!  The one at the front of the picture above is 100% on pre order so if you like the look of it be sure to check back in a couple of months.

Final Notes:

The following brands which haven't been mentioned - Stanley, Jetboil, Sierra Designs, Kelty and Nebo will also have new kit hitting our store.

So with all that to digest we reach the end of what we are currently looking at introducing for the immediate future, The search for epic kit is never truly over so we urge you to send us ideas and requests for the gear you'd love to see in store. 

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Adventuring.

Charlie & Luci 



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