8B Plus 250g Powder Chalk

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8B Plus 250g Powder Chalk


Performance does not need to be boring, and 8BPLUS Chalk is living proof! This is a high purity Magensium-carbonate without any fillers or drying agents. A cleaner chalk that is better for your hands, has great drying characteristics and a fantastic hand-feel, which is developed to deliver on your toughest requirements on chalk: Top Friction, long lasting and effortless chalking up!

That it is also the world’s tastiest chalk for a chalkbag is a bonus. Get your hands on the new 8BPLUS Chalk now and make your chalkbag happy. #EATMORECHALK

8B Plus 250g Powder Chalk Specifications & Features:

100% pure MgCo3 with great hand feel and drying characteristic
No added fillers or drying agents
No heavy metals - cleaner is better
Reusable zipper packaging with transparent windows to view fill levels

No fillers or drying agents, Pure MgCO3

Lightweight and fine Powder Chalk

250 gram (~8.85 oz)