Adventure Lights Guardian™ Expedition

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Adventure Lights Guardian™ Expedition

Don't compromise on your safety.

The small, lightweight Guardian ™ is fully waterproof, impact resistant and omni-directional, making it reliable in almost any situation. During hiking expeditions, nocturnal bike rides and night-time jogs, this versatile light can allow users to be seen by drivers or search and rescue personnel.
Thanks to patented Reverse Polarity Program Switching™ technology, the function of the light can be changed between flashing and steady on modes by simply flipping the battery over.
Whatever the adventure, the Guardian ™ can help you return home safe.

The adventure light is perfect for so many outdoor activitys like running, cycling, mountaineering, diving, kyacking and more.


Also great for kids school bags!


Features and Specifications:

Available in yellow, red, blue, green or white
Belt clip included
Highly cost effective
Omni-directional light (visible from all sides)
Directional light visible up to 5km in darkness
Dual mode - steady-on or flashing
A simple twist of the lens turns the unit on and off
Flashing - up to 250 hours of operational light per set of batteries
Steady-on - over 11 hour’s bright light and 100 hours of operational light per set of batteries
Lifetime led (rated at 100,000 hours)
High impact resistance - extra tough optical dome
Rugged - designed to withstand being driven over by an average car
Operates in temperatures from -40°C to +50°C
Ultra compact - measures 41.0x52.3x31.0mm
Ultra lightweight - just 20g/0.7oz. Including clip and batteries - will not restrict movement
Optional base units and attachments allow easy fastening to clothing or equipment