ARB Air Compressor Pump Up Kit

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ARB Air Compressor Pump Up Kit
The ARB Tyre Inflation Pump Up Kit with Hose & Attachments is recommended for ARB High Output Air Compressors, providing a unique, heat-tolerant hose that is highly durable for fast, accurate inflation.
This kit is ideal for 4WD owners using a CKMA12, CKMA24, and CKSA12 Compressor.
ARB Air Compressor Pump Up Kit Specifications and Features :
Recommended For ARB High Output Air Compressors
Unique, High-Heat Tolerant Hose that won't melt under the incredible air output of ARB units
Recommended for CKMA12, CKMA24, & CKSA12
Enclosed internal bearing system prevents dirt ingestion
Length: 20ft
Easily reaches from your compressor all around your vehicle
Kit Includes: 1 ARB air chuck with quick-press fitting, 1 ARB T-fitting for use with the CKMA12 ARB air compressor and assorted additional fittings to suit various camping & sport gear

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