ARB Differential Breather Kit

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ARB Differential Breather Kit 

Part number: 170112
Complete Kit

A differential / axle breather serves the important purpose on a 4WD vehicle of venting the air pressure in your drivetrain assemblies such as differentials, gearbox and transfer case.
When these assemblies heat up under normal operation the air inside expands increasing the pressure and needs to be vented to atmosphere. When the drivetrain assembly cools down the air inside contracts and creates a vacuum. Many drivetrain assemblies are fitted with a breather from the factory. The factory breather is usually a one-way valve mounted directly to the axle housing or remotely on a short tube. The shortfall with the factory breathers arises particularly when driving through water crossings where the drivetrain assembly will cool rapidly creating a vacuum. This vacuum will close the one-way valve tightly shut causing air to be instantly drawn into the assembly through the axle/shaft seals. However because the seals are probably still submersed below water the water will be drawn into the drivetrain contaminating the oil and possibly damaging drivetrain components or your Air Locker. The contaminated oil will then need to be changed. The ARB Differential Breather Kit is designed to eliminate these shortcomings by providing a high flow, zero backpressure, zero vacuum breather system. This is achieved with a central high flow air filter and manifold that will allow up to four drivetrain assemblies to be vented to one central location on the vehicle that will be above the water level at all times. This kit is intended to replace your factory breathers and contains enough fittings and tubing to connect at least two drivetrain assemblies. More tubing and fittings can be purchased separately to connect up to four assemblies to the central manifold. (Part number 170113) The ARB Differential Breather Kit is unique in that it uses 8mm tubing (where most other kits use 6mm tubing).
The larger size tubing is essential in 4X4 applications where off camber driving can cause oil to enter and block smaller breather lines.

ARB Differential Breather Kit Specifications & Features:

Out of the box, the 4 port ARB Diff Breather Kit can be connected to all four key components (front diff, rear diff, transfer case and gearbox) and comes with enough tubing and fixtures to connect to the most common application of two differentials. With a small amount of additional tubing and fixtures (sold separately), the one kit will also accommodate your transfer case and gearbox.


1. Check the depth
If it’s safe to do so (ie. there are no saltwater crocodiles) you should walk unfamiliar crossings before driving them to gauge the depth and look for submerged obstacles.
2. Cool down
Let your vehicle cool down before plunging into a water crossing. A hot gearbox, transfer case, differentials and hubs will want to suck in cold water past their respective seals, causing damage down the track.
3. Fit a Water Crossing Cover
A water crossing cover will direct the water around your engine bay rather than through the radiator, preventing damage to the radiator and electrical components.
4. Engage locker(s) if fitted
If the surface beneath the water is particularly rough or muddy, you’ll need all the traction you can muster, so engage those Air Lockers before diving in.
5. Constant speed
Select a speed that builds up a decent bow wave in front of the vehicle and stick to it; not so fast that water is flowing over the bonnet and not so slow that the Crossing Cover won’t work as it’s designed to. Second gear, low-range usually results in the most appropriate speed.