ARB Tree Trunk Protector

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ARB Tree Trunk Protector

When using a tree as an anchor point in a recovery situation, wrapping a cable, rope or chain around it causes damage to both your equipment and the tree, meaning next time you or another may not have a viable anchor point and possibly weakened equipment for recovery.
Keep your recovery gear undamaged and anchor point unharmed and able to be used again by you or a fellow 4wder with ARB’s tree trunk protectors.
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Specifications and Features :
Min. Breaking Strength - 12,000kg
Length - 5m
Width - 80mm
Material - 100% polyester
Reinforced Eyes - yes
Eye and Seam Protector Sleeves - yes
Designed to eliminate the risk of ring barking
Ensures safe vehicle recovery for 4WD owners
Ideal part of any recovery or emergency kit
Suitable for all vehicle makes and models
Help eliminate the risk of ring barking
Part number: ARB735


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