Arcade Belts Vapor Saddle

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Arcade Belts Vapor Saddle
This is not your ordinary woven elastic belt... because your ordinary woven elastic belt wouldn't be made of high-tech 4-way stretch hydrophobic elastic webbing, now would it? This grey Vapor braided elastic belt is designed with special Futureweave technology to give it a low profile yet high flexibility. And the cherry on top? There is not an iota of metal in this completely not ordinary woven elastic belt, so you could take it through security or throw it in the wash without thinking twice. So I ask you again, does this sound like your ordinary woven elastic belt...? I don't think so.

Arcade Belts Vapor Saddle Specifications and Features:

One size fits most (OSFA), up to 40″ (101.6cm)
Belt width – 1.5 ich belt (3.81cm)
Woven belt
Elastic belt without holes