Bushmen Survival Bracelet 6m

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Bushmen Survival Bracelet 6m

Survival bracelet 6m (with firesteel).

6m of strong paracord line (original, strong 7-core paracord) thick firesteel and comfortable fire-striker with the seared blade.

Survival bracelet 6m is also a reliable source of fire in the form of a comfortable and original buckle. The set allows you to light a fire effectively under difficult conditions, all you need is some dry tinder and… a little practice. The firesteel can be used without unknotting the rope.

The original buckle consists of a firesteel and an oxidated fire-striker made of steel. The rope loop with a length of about 6 cm allows the appropriate regulation of the bracelet for comfortable wearing.

The steel fire-striker has the form of a ring that lies comfortably in your hand, with a short, flat-ended blade hidden inside the first part of the braid.

Survival bracelet 6m – So little and yet so much.

Bushmen Survival Bracelet 6m Specification & Features:


6 metres of 7 core parachute cord
Incorporates: Firesteel, firestarter and addtional short blade.