Capita Thunderstick Snowboard

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Capita Thunderstick Snowboard

Mens Snowboard

The concept of Paradise conjures different images for different people. To some, being in paradise, or more specifically Paradise Ranch, meant to be in a secret world of constant and thorough examination. It was a place where extraterrestrials shared their secrets through crashed spacecraft and the study of their pilots – both living and dead.  Also referred to as Dreamland, the Groom Lake Facility’s most famous name is AREA 51.  Clearly marked, but not actually fenced, the entire boundary is patrolled by an anonymous security force equipped with the most high-tech surveillance gear ever made. The ground patrols, only known as “Camo Dudes,” are assisted by equipment so advanced that they can determine an unauthorized crossing of the perimeter from miles away and distinguish if it is a man or animal by smell.  Such technology can only suggest that inside the perimeter is an unprecedented leap of information worthy of the most extreme secrecy.  This could mean the development of hypersonic spy planes, pulse detonation wave engines, or hydrogen-powered scramjets. There certainly are rumors of time travel, teleportation and weather control.  For all we know there could exist a Thunderstick, straight from the hand of Zeus himself, suspended in time to be reverse engineered by the One World Government and used to fuel rocket ships into deep space. When it comes to soft-flexing, super poppy cambered snowboards, the CAPiTA Thunderstick is your weapon of choice. The lightweight, bombproof construction features cut-down tip and tail shapes for reduced swing weight and a new RFC Sustainable Poplar wood core. New Age camber, which increases control and predictability with small zero cambered sections at the contact points – allows you to pop in and out of any features while going bigger and faster than all your friends.


Capita Thunderstick Snowboard Features

NEW RFC Sustainable Core Form 6 Fiberglass Configuration

HMC Extruded Base Multitech™

Level 4 DeepSpace™ Metallic Silkscreen + PAM8000™ Topsheet   Multitech™ Silkscreen + Die-cut Base

PLT Topsheet Technology

360 Degree Steel Edges

NEW Bitter End Deflection Tuning

4 x 2 Inserts