Casstrom Safari Mini Hunter

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Casstrom Safari Mini Hunter

The Safari Mini-Hunter is ergonomic, balanced, and technically superb to use in the field for hunting, gralloching, and field dressing, or as a camp knife for food preparation. Designed by renowned English Knife maker Alan Wood.

“The initial concept was to attempt to design a hunter’s knife that produced a tool of minimum dimensions which was still efficient to use. At first, it was for the large proportion of British deerstalkers who hunt the smaller species such as Roe and Muntjac. However, it was also picked up by others such as the Swedish hunter Jeppe Stridh as an ideal cutting tool for his country’s moose hunters, when used in combination with a forest axe. Further research has shown that it is also an adequate and popular compact belt accessory for those on safari, hence the name. Basically, an easily carried tool that can be used to remove the viscera and to perform basic skinning to save a trophy cape when far from the vehicle’s tool kit.”
- Alan Wood

Casstrom Safari Mini Hunter Specificaions & Features:


Holds an edge really well
Ingenious handle design and tapered tang give excellent balance
Very comfortable in the hand
A full flat grind for efficient cutting and slicing
G10 handle material is a high-strength fibreglass laminate resistant to moisture and dirt
Sturdy welted sheath in vegetable-tanned European leather with drain hole
Cryo-quenched for improved wear resistance
25-year Warranty
Made entirely in Europe


Blade length: 65 x 22 x 3 mm (tapered tang)
Total length: 16 cm
Steel: Sandvik 14C28N stainless steel
Steel Hardness on the Rockwell C Scale: 59-61
Weight: 100g
Handle material: Olive Green G10 with aluminium hardware
Grind: Full Flat
Sheath: 3mm vegetable-tanned European leather (Cognac Brown)