Climbing Technology Alpine Up

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Climbing Technology Alpine Up

ALPINE UP is the most complete and versatile insurer / descender ever produced, suitable for use in the mountains with half ropes, twin ropes or whole rope. Extremely versatile, it allows abseiling in self-locking mode and offers three insurance modes depending on the terrain on which you are located.

The click-up mode (assisted manual braking) allows:

insurance of the first rope on multi-pitch sports itineraries (spit and resin protections);
self-locking abseiling with the use of the retractable lever;
absolute safety even in case of incorrect insertion of the rope.
The dynamic mode (manual braking) allows:

insurance of the first rope on mountaineering routes and ice falls (protections to friends, nuts and nails);
effective and modular braking with V-shaped braking grooves, such as a bucket;
abseiling with V-shaped braking grooves.
Recovery mode allows:

independent and self-locking insurance of one or two seconds;
possibility of unlocking and progressive lowering of a second under tension, thanks to the insertion of a return carabiner in the appropriate hole.

Attention! Carefully read the instructions of the tool before use.
ALPINE UP is supplied and must be used with the special CONCEPT SGL HC carabiner, with anti-wear anodizing and ACL system that prevents the possibility of loading on the minor axis

Climbing Technology Alpine Up Specifications & Features: