Forest Fundamentals Sidekick Fire Starter Necklace

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Forest Fundamentals Sidekick Fire Starter Necklace

Introducing the Sidekick Fire Starter Necklace, your trusty companion for all of your fire lighting needs. The ultimate backup Ferro Rod for everyday carry and longer expeditions. The Sidekick also performs as a tinder scraper, mini wrench, and bottle opener. While it may not be the largest Ferro Rod we sell, rest assured it will definitely get the job done! To best explain the Sidekick Necklaces’ features we’ll walk you through the design changes:

Enhanced Striking Edge: With a lot of Ferro Rod necklaces it’s often hard to create sufficient sparks as the rods are so small. The new slightly-raised striking edge removes more material when striking and produces larger showers of sparks. The striking edge is also manufactured from heat-treated Steel to ensure it will not full with repeated use.

Streamlined Tinder Scraper: A lot of Ferro Rod necklaces use serrated scrapers. In testing, we found the serrations would often get stuck and were difficult to use. Our new beveled scraping edge ensures a much smoother, and more efficient scraping process. Despite its size, we wanted to ensure a fire could be created quickly, from processing the shavings to ignition.

A Larger Ferro Rod: We have increased the length of the Ferro Rods to produce larger showers of sparks. The Rods have also been widened and allow for up to 20,000 strikes. As a backup Ferro Rod, you definitely don't need to worry about it failing you when you need it most! All of our Ferro Rods are manufactured using our Forest Fundamentals Ferrocenium™ blend. We tried and tested numerous Ferro Rod compositions till we had perfected the optimum balance between softness and durability. Our Ferro Rods throw down large showers of molten sparks, but we were also careful not to make the rods too soft to ensure longevity.

A Multi-Purpose EDC Tool: As an EDC tool, it was a top priority we squeezed a bottle opener in! We manufacture the necklaces using hardened Steel to ensure they will not bend under excessive pressure. In a survival situation, the necklace can also be used for wood splitting and as a prying tool. The Sidekick is also extremely lightweight, it’s the perfect back-up for multiple-day expeditions. You won’t even notice it till you need it most!

Necklace Chain: For the necklace chain we have used 550 'survival' cord which includes strands of copper wire, fishing line, waxed jute, and parachute cord. This multi-purpose card is invaluable in the field and has a range of uses including repairing shoelaces, fishing, snares, shelter building, and more. For safety, we have used a magnetic breakaway clasp. The magnet is very strong and won't detach without pulling.

Aesthetics: As the necklace is intended to be worn on a day-to-day basis, we wanted to make sure it looked good! We have changed the shape and added a matt black anti-scratch finish to keep the necklace as minimal as possible. We hope you like the design!

Forest Fundamentals Sidekick Fire Starter Necklace Specifications & Features:

The new raised sharp striking edge removes more material when striking
The heat-treated striking edge will not dull with repeated use
The bigger Ferro Rod produces more sparks and allows for 15,000 strikes
Ferro Rod is made from Forest Fundamentals Ferrocenium™ blend (the ultimate Ferro Rod blend)
The necklace also includes a bottle opener, a key feature for the campfire!
550lb ‘Survival Cord’ necklace chain that includes strands of copper wire, fishing line, waxed jute, and parachute cord
Made from hardened Steel: the necklace can be used for splitting logs and as a prying tool
Saftey magnetic break-away clasp. The clasp will only break under pressure (the necklace will not fall off under normal use)
Aesthetics: An updated shape and new anti-scratch matt black finish.
550lb ‘Survival Cord’ lanyard (copper wire, fishing line, waxed jute, and parachute cord)
Hardened Steel Body
Forest Fundamentals Ferrocenium™ Ferro Rod blend
Magnetic Stainless Steel break-away safety clasp