Eno Atlas XL™ Hammock Suspension System

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Eno Atlas XL™ Hammock Suspension System
Tree-Friendly Suspension.
You’ve got the perfect hammock, the perfect trees, but your suspension system won’t quite reach? Welcome, Atlas XL. The Atlas XL shares the same versatile characteristics as its older brother, Atlas, but boasts an extra 54” in length and 40 total attachment loops. Constructed from Poly-Filament webbing with overlapping attachment whorls and weighing just 16oz, the XL will support your hammock in even the most extreme spaces.
Covered by 1 or more Patents: No. D666,896 - No. 9,003,579 - No. 9,320,343 - No. 9,622,566 - No. 9,750,329 - Other Patents Pending
Setup & Takedown in Seconds
40 Adjustment Points
Safely Support Up To 400lbs
Tree Friendly
Material High Tenacity Poly-Filament Webbing
Weight 16 oz.
Unfolded Dimensions (L x W) 13'6" x 1"
Best Use Family/car camping & backpacking