FELCO 703 Premium Cow Grain Gloves

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FELCO 703 Premium Cow Grain Gloves

Premium cow grain gloves, tan puncture resistant, natural color

Made of high quality, puncture-resistant leather, these gloves are ideal for heavy work, pruning in horticulture, gardening and fruit-growing. Their elegant design is suitable for all seasons.

Also great for foraging , fire making and general day to day work.

FELCO launches a new line of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and a first range of pruning gloves, FELCO 701, FELCO 702 & FELCO 703.

Developed to protect hands against the risks of minor physical injuries while pruning, this new range of gloves is a natural addition to FELCO’s product range.

FELCO gloves are designed for professionals and amateur gardeners looking for high quality protection. Available in 4 different sizes (from S to XL), the gloves adapt to the shape of your hand for the greatest comfort while pruning.

FELCO 703 Premium Cow Grain Gloves Specifications & Features:

High-quality puncture-resistant leather
Elastic at the base of the glove for a closer fit on the wrist


Hand Circumference "around your palm"
SMALL: between 19 and 20cm
MEDIUM: between 20 and 22cm
LARGE: between 22 and 23cm
X LARGE: between 23 and 24cm

Length Of Hand "base of hand to tip of middle finger"
SMALL: below 18cm
MEDIUM: between 18 and 19cm
LARGE: between 19 and 20cm
X LARGE: above 20cm