Forest Fundamentals Artisan Forager Pouch-Folding Belt Pouch

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Forest Fundamentals Artisan Forager Pouch-Folding Belt Pouch

Our new addition to our handmade bushcraft range, meet the Artisan Forager! The Artisan Forager™ was designed for foraging in the field but also makes a great all-around utility pouch. We also use them for storing tools and carrying dog treats!

The Artisan Forager is handmade using both 12oz and 8oz canvas for added strength in key areas. We have also used solid brass fixings and double stitching. This pouch is extremely durable and will last a lifetime!

The Artisan Forager will accommodate most belt sizes. When not in use, the bag can be folded neatly down and snapped closed. When on your belt, the drawstring can be pulled tight keeping the contents secure and protected from the elements.

This pouch is waterproof using Martexin Original Wax. This wax produces a superior finish that is virtually waterproof. Martexin Wax is made using a blend of non-hazardous food-grade waxes. The unique formula gives the fabric lifelong resistance to weathering and as it ages, it develops a well-worn patina.

We put great emphasis on the ethical and sustainable sourcing of materials. The pouch is made from 80% recycled canvas and a fully recyclable plastic toggle. The pouch is a great sustainable alternative to disposable wash and utility storage bags.

We have chosen to use 550 'Survival' paracord for the lanyard. This cord includes materials including copper wire, fishing line, waxed jute, and parachute cord. These materials serve a multitude of purposes in the field, including repairing shoelaces, fishing, constructing snares, building shelters, and more.

Forest Fundamentals Artisan Forager Pouch-Folding Belt Pouch Specifications & Features:

Handmade using waxed Cotton canvas
Super durable and strong
Adjustable drawstring and clip-down bag opening
Made using 80% recycled materials
The ultimate all-round foraging and utility belt pouch

12oz and 16oz waxed Cotton Canvas
Genuine Brass fixings and eyelets
550 ‘Survival Cord’ (fishing line, waxed jute, parachute cordage)
Stainless Steel Carabiner Clips
Double overlook stitching