Forest Fundamentals Beast Fire Starter

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Forest Fundamentals Beast Fire Starter

The Beast Fire Starter™ is back. A mammoth Ferro Rod, this Ferro Rod is a fire-lighting machine and will make fast work igniting your tinder bundle! One of our Stealth Fire Strikers™ is also included. This striker will surpass all of your Ferro Rod needs and also performs as a scraper/prying tool, spanner, and bottle opener.

The Beast is available in both 4 and 8" lengths. All of our Ferro Rods are manufactured using our Forest Fundamentals Ferrocenium™ blend. We tried and tested numerous Ferro Rod compositions till we had perfected the optimum balance between softness and durability. Our Ferro Rods throw down large showers of molten sparks, but we were also careful not to make the rods too soft to ensure longevity.

The Beast Fire Starter™ not only impresses with its length but also its width (pun unintended!). This Ferro Rod is extremely thick, ensuring longevity and offering 20,000 strikes. Just imagine the number of matches required to ignite 20,000 fires! The extra-large rod sizes are also very easy to grip, especially when wearing gloves - perfect for colder climates and beginners.

We have chosen to use 550 'Survival' paracord for the lanyard. This cord includes materials including copper wire, fishing line, waxed jute, and parachute cord. These materials serve a multitude of purposes in the field, including repairing shoelaces, fishing, constructing snares, building shelters, and more.

The new Stealth Fire Strikers™ are also included. Made from heat-treated Stainless Steel the Stealth Fire Strikers™ include 4hex bits, a beveled straight-edged tinder scraper/prying tool, and also functions as a bottle opener, a pretty handy feature when sitting around a campfire! More info on the design process is available here.

If we were going for an extended trip or hike outdoors, which rod to take would be a close call between the Beast and the Stealth Fire Starter™. The Beast Fire Starter is for people who are serious about their fire-craft and don't like to leave any room for error.

Forest Fundamentals Beast Fire Starter Specifications & Features:

Super thick Ferro Rods, 20,000 strikes
Large Ferro Rods are easily gripped: Perfect for colder climates and beginners
Includes a Stealth Fire Striker (7-Function striker)
Perfect for multiple-day expeditions
Ferro Rod is made using Forest Fundamentals Ferrocenium™
Produces large showers of molten sparks

550 ‘Survival Cord’ (fishing line, waxed jute, parachute cordage)
Forest Fundamentals Ferrocerium™ Ferro Rod
Heat-treated Steel Ferro Rod Strikers
Stainless Steel Carabiner Clips