Forest Fundamentals Stealth Fire Starter

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Forest Fundamentals Stealth Fire Starter

Introducing the Stealth Fire Starter™ The first of its kind, our mission was clear from the beginning: to design an all-inclusive compact and lightweight fire starter that simplifies fire lighting in all weather conditions. We wanted to make fire lighting in the field as dependable and efficient as possible. We are proud to say we have succeeded. Here's why:

The Ferro Rod: The Ferro Rod is extremely thick, ensuring longevity and offering 20,000 strikes. All of our Ferro Rods are manufactured using our Forest Fundamentals Ferrocenium™ blend. We tried and tested numerous Ferro Rod compositions till we had perfected the optimum balance between softness and durability. Our Ferro Rods throw down large showers of molten sparks, but we were also careful not to make the rods too soft to ensure longevity.

The Wicks/Tinder: In designing, we knew the chosen fuel had to be extremely slow-burning, produce a hot flame, and take a spark very easily. We settled on Paraffin-Wax infused Hemp Wicks; these wicks burn extremely slowly. One wick has a burn time of 40 minutes, a greater cumulative burn time of one Bic lighter! Even after being submerged in water, the wicks will still take a spark due to the infused wax. We encourage practicing sourcing tinder in the field, but it never hurts to have a backup! The wicks can also be replaced - additional wicks are available from our store.

The Stealth’s Case: Everything is secured within a sleek, lightweight anodized Aluminium sleeve. The sleeve stays cool to the touch and also doubles as a micro pocket bellows. A fire bellows is essential in crafting and maintaining a successful fire; the bellows will help you direct oxygen into the heart of the fire. As the Native American saying goes; "Take care of a fire when it is young, and it will take care of you when it is large"

The Lanyards: We have chosen to use 550 'Survival' paracord for the lanyard. This cord includes materials including copper wire, fishing line, waxed jute, and parachute cord. These materials serve a multitude of purposes in the field, including repairing shoelaces, fishing, constructing snares, building shelters, and more.

Stealth Fire Strikers: Our new Stealth Fire Strikers™ are also included. Made from heat-treated Stainless Steel the Stealth Fire Strikers™ include 4hex bits, a beveled straight-edged tinder scraper/prying tool, and also functions as a bottle opener, a pretty handy feature when sitting around a campfire! More info on the design process is available here.

Forest Fundamentals Stealth Fire Starter Specifications & Features:

How to use the Stealth Fire Starter:

First, using your Stealth Fire Striker, fluff up one end of the wick and ignite it using the Ferro Rod. Then, you can move the burning wick to parts of the fire which require the most attention. The wick is resistant to wind and burns extremely slow so you don’t have to worry about it going out! To extinguish the flame, simply pull the wick back through the bellows chamber. This works by cutting off the flames’ access to Oxygen.

If your fire needs some attention, simply pull out the wick and blow through the micro bellows. The Ferro Rod can also be removed. We sell replacement parts for all of Stealth’s components

Main Features and Specs:
Super thick Ferro Rods, 20,000 strikes
The case also functions as a micro-bellows: supply oxygen into the heart of the fire
Especially large Ferro Rod (100mm Length), throws down large showers of sparks
Easily gripped case: Perfect use with gloves, colder climates and beginners
Includes a Stealth Fire Striker (7-Function striker)
Perfect for multiple-day expeditions
Super slow-burning wicks, also heavily resistant to the elements
The ultimate backup tinder: The wicks will ignite after being submerged in water
Detailed instructions included
Made using Forest Fundamentals Ferrocenium™ blend, the ultimate Ferro Rod blend
Replacement parts for all components are available

550 ‘Survival Cord’ (fishing line, waxed jute, parachute cordage)
Forest Fundamentals Ferrocerium™ Ferro Rod Blend
Anodised Aluminium Metal Sleeve
Paraffin Wax Infused Jute Wicks
Heat-treated Steel Ferro Rod Strikers
Stainless Steel Carabiner Clips