Go Prepared Survival Sure Strips Military Tinder

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Go Prepared Survival Sure Strips Military Tinder



SURE STRIPS are the most versatile tinder on the marker. Made from a highly durable propriety waxed cloth, there strips can be folded or easily cut. The special was has a melt point of over 125 degrees and will ensure your SURE STRIPS won't leak in your wallet, kit or pack.

This unique product allows for everyday carry of waterproof tinder, a heat source, lubrication for knives or zippers and even an emergency patch repair.



SURE STRIP Unique Specifications and Features:

  • Lights with a spark
  • Waterproof/wind-resistant
  • 3-4 minute burn time per strip
  • EDC Carry - carry in your wallet
  • No oils, odours, dyes or mess
  • Extremely lightweight and durable.
  • Non-toxic
  • Indefinite shelf life
  • Starts up to 90 fires when divided
  • Lubricates weapon parts and zippers
  • Use as a source of heat
  • Genuine Military Issue / PN 7188FH


SURE Strip Military Tinder Contents:

  • x6 20cm x 5cm SURE STRIPS
  • Survival instructions
  • Specialised Cotton for challenging conditions

Fire Prep: Collect small, medium and large sized twigs and sticks to prepare your fire before lighting your SURE STRIPS. Detailed instructions are included how to make various fire lays for normal, stealth and rescue fires. Think of the SURE STRIPS as a lighter, its intended purpose is to start fires. You do not need to use the entire strip for each fire. You should be able to make 5 fires per SURE STRIPS. In a situation where all available tinder is too wet, you can use the SURE STRIPS as an extender to normal kindling. Burn time is 3 to 4 minutes. 

SCRAPE IT - STRIKE IT - REUSE IT:  Scrape the SURE STRIPS with a key, sharp object or a knife to remove the wax and expose the fine inner fiber strands. Strike the strands using a Ferro rod or a Spark-Lite striker to shower sparks to catch the tinder on fire. Reuse you SURE STRIPS for your next fire.   


Original military lighting method: You can start 30 fires with the cotton provided if you divide each cotton ball into 15 equal parts.  Lay one piece of divided cotton on the edge of the SURE STRIPS, use a sparking device to light the cotton. The sparks you create will ignite the cotton and the cotton will ignite the SURE STRIPS. Use care to keep your cotton dry. If strip is wet, try to remove as much moisture as possible and use double the cotton; using a flame does not require cotton and will light easily.