Grivel K6N Mega Screw Lock Safety Carabiner

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Grivel K6N Mega Screw Lock Safety Carabiner

Robust and durable HMS safety carabiner.

The Grivel K6N Mega Screw Lock safety carabiner is made of 7075 aluminum, to offer the best ratio between weight, strength and durability. With an HMS shape, a screwgate and a Keylock nose, this carabiner is ideal for rope maneuvers, climbing and mountaineering. Individually tested, with the date of testing and progressive number laser-marked on it.

Grivel K6N Mega Screw Lock Safety Carabiner Specifications & Features:

Activities: climbing, mountaineering
Materials/construction/technologies: aluminum 7075
Certifications: CE EN 12275 - class H, UIAA 121
Weight: 81g (2,9 oz)
Length-Width-Opening: 117-71-21 mm
closed gate strength: 21
minor axis strength: 10
open gate strength: 6


HMS carabiners,
HMS = HeMi Spherical. i.e. offset, or curved to one side.
Mainly used for anchoring on the V of the belay, having space for braking devices (plates) and other carabiners.
Very useful for using the Munter hitch and for rope maneuvers in general, They have better handling of ropes when used as a belay carabiner and the extra size makes it easier to set up belays and anchors.
The MEGA K6N Body with its round profile it is ideal for the Munter hitch.