KinetiXx X-ROPE Tactical Gloves

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KinetiXx X-ROPE Tactical Gloves

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Fast-Roping/Abseiling/Rappelling Glove
For professional abseiling.
The technology supports controlled abseiling, while ensuring high cut resistance and heat and flame resistance. The Sharktec® palm provides tremendous grip.
X-Rope ensures a tactile trigger finger.

KinetiXx X-ROPE Tactical Gloves Specs & Features:

Palm thermally insulated by air cushion, high heat- and flame-resistance
Controlled rappelling through the use of new, exclusive technology Sharktec®
Ergonomic and well-placed for guiding the rope hard protectors on back of hand

Shell: 3D inlay system developed for professional fast roping and rappelling allowing controlled descending on the rope and stopping on the rope, highest level of cut protection, design of the tactile trigger finger is aligned to the trigger, high flame and heat resistance (non-melt, non-drip), high dexterity of finger and hand movement thanks to the glove’s anatomical design, reinforcements on both the outside of the palm and on the inside next to the skin are aligned with the run of the rope in order to maximise protection
Inside of the glove: 3D design utilising Sharktec® Volcano nanotechnology: thermally shielded due to air cushions, fingers stay in place, no twisting due to maximum grip, highly heat and flame resistant, the glove’s back is made of flame-resistant material, ergonomically positioned hard protectors on the back of the glove are highly functional for fast roping and rappelling
3D design based on Volcano technology
The back of the hand is made of flame-resistant material
Abrasion Resistance Level 3 EN388:2003:2003
Blade Cut Resistance Level 5 EN388:2003
Tear Resistance Level 4 EN388:2003
Puncture Resistance Level 4 EN388:2003
Flame Retardant Level 4 EN407:2004

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