Light My Fire Spork Kit Titanium

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Light My Fire Spork Kit Titanium

 Yours for a lifetime of adventure

Iconic Spork titanium with carry case. Eco-friendly, reusable, spoon, fork, and knife-in-one. Picnics, camping, parties, BBQ’s, outdoor dining. 100% G2 titanium is up to the toughest challenge. Easy to clean, light weight, strong, classic, stylish. Held in a rinseable and rugged, recycled merino wool case. The Spork Kit Titanium is a great utensil, a super gift, and the perfect meal companion. Great for all adventures big and small. Trekking, festivals, grills, and lunch breaks alike. Non-corrosive, non-magnetic and non-toxic, with no metallic taste. 100% food approved and BPA-free. Sustainable design built to last. Made in Sweden.

Light My Fire Spork Kit Titanium Specifications & Features:

 Extremely durable
Sip-friendly design
Bring along friendly size
Dishwasher safe • BPA free
Case fits up to two Sporks and two Straws
Case made from recycled merino wool
Made in Sweden

Spork Titanium Measurements:
170x40x8 mm
6.693x1.575x0.315 inches
0,019 kg
0,670 oz

Spork Case Measurements:
211x63x25 mm
8.307x2.480x0.984 inches
0,032 kg
1,139 oz

The unsurpassed durability of titanium speaks for itself, to ensure long lasting products that stand the test of time. We are currently using a virgin source of titanium but are striving to find a viable recycled source of material.

Recycled Wool
Case made of the recycled merino wool from Woolpower’s garment production waste. The colour can vary depending on the different colours of clothes. Min 50% merino wool and maximum 50% synthetic. The merino wool is orginate from Patagonia and is guaranteed ethical animal treatment and 100% mulesing free.