Light My Fire Tinder On A Rope

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Light My Fire Tinder On A Rope

The best piece of fire-starting wood you’ll ever find. And it’s natural.

Keep the fire burning with this lightweight, convenient MayaStick. Great for backpacking and any time you want a guaranteed fire. The 100% natural, resin-soaked stick produces a clean burn without unhealthy chemicals. The high concentration of natural resin in the wood ensures a clean-burning, long-lasting flame. With every purchase, you're supporting a business that plants two trees for every stump harvested, provides jobs and education for local communities, and reduces overall waste by utilizing leftover stumps.


Light My Fire Tinder On A Rope Specifications & Features:

One MayaStick on a handy rope
100% natural, resin-soaked fire starter
Water-resistant, reliable and easy to light
Hot, slow-burning flame
Made in Honduras
155x20x20 mm
6,10x0,79x0,79 inches

69 g
2,434 oz

Cultivated pine
All-natural tinder, chemical free with up to 80% resin content. Our Fatwood comes from the stumps of a pine tree. These pines are cultivated and do not occupy rain forest areas. They are a non-endangered species, yielding a product that is sustainable, economically viable and environmentally responsible. By making use of the stumps, we are reducing overall waste while creating a sustainable and safe by-product. Verified under the SCS Salvaged Wood & Fiber™ standard for using 100% reclaimed material.

Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) is a leading certifier of forest management operations and wood product manufacturers whose goal

is to recognize the highest levels of environmental protection and social responsibility. TinderSticks has received certification under the SCS Material Content Certification Program for using 100% reclaimed material for TinderSticks.

Our TinderSticks are a natural way to start your fire, no chemicals have been added to the process of creating one of the best and most natural ways to get your fire starting and your food cooking.

Getting a fire started with TinderSticks is as easy as 1, 2, 3. And with a Swedish Firesteel Army or Scout you can be sure to light your fire in any weather.

In 1995 our founder, Michael Odqvist, came across an age-old secret - MayaSticks. He was fascinated by the sheer brilliance of this resinous kindling. Not only was it a quick, easy and reliable way to get a fire going, the sticks were also completely natural, produced from waste - the stumps left from felled pine trees - by locals in Guatemala.