Miro & Makauri Premium Fleece Padded Harness

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doMiro & Makauri Premium Fleece Padded Harness

The Premium Fleece Padded Harness provides a comfortable and snug fit. This harness makes it easier to control your dog and is therefore, suitable for young and energetic dogs. This premium harness is made from, high quality, durable nylon, with soft padded fleece, for support on the chest area. Extremely robust, but also soft and flexible, with a secure fit for your dog.
Sizes Available-
XS-SM   30-40cm/15mm        
SM         35-50cm/25mm         
SM-M    40-60cm/25mm         
MED      45-70cm/25mm
M-L        50-80cm/25mm
L            60-90cm/25mm
Premium Fleece padded harness
Comfortable with a snug fit
Easier control over your dog
Extremely robust
Soft and flexible
Secure fit

A bit about Miro & Makauri
To stary with,Why the name Miro & Makauri? We get asked that a lot, what does the name, Miro & Makauri actually mean?......So we’ll tell you.
Miro & Mak are Border Terriers, owned by Scott & Chad, who are brothers and the managing directors of Miro & Makauri.
Chad's Border Terrier is Miro and Scott's Border is Mak.
As Brothers themselves, Miro & Mak arrived back in 2009, when the company was just starting its journey.
The Kauri part is named after the majestic native tree from New Zealand, where the directors were bought up.
Miro & Mak, signified the new journey ahead, while Kauri commemorates a link to the past.