NANUK NANO 310 Protective Case

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 NANUK NANO 310 Protective Case

 Water-resistant and dustproof, the NANO 310 stands up to everything. Its PowerClaw superior latching system and polycarbonate shell keep the elements out. Inside, your pocket-size valuables stay safe with rubber protective webbing while a clever Smartstrap system ensures the case never leaves your side. Ideal for protecting phones, keys, wallets, credit cards, SD/memory cards, lighters, cigars and much more.

NANUK NANO 310 Protective Case Specifications & Features:

Exterior (L x W x H): 149 mm x 110 mm x 43 mm
Interior (L x W x H): 131 mm x 77 mm x 28 mm
Material: Ultra-resistant polycarbonate
Water resistant (IP65): Yes
Airline check-in: Yes
Airline cabin carry-on: Yes
Conditional lifetime warranty

*Due to the large range of NANUK products, some items are ordered in as needed. If you are in urgent need for a specific case/ colour/ size or insert then please call or email us for latest stocks.