NexTool Multi Tool Belt

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NexTool Multi Tool Belt

Introducing the M1 Multi-tool belt from Nextool, a high quality polyester belt equipped with a compact and useful 10-in-1 multi-tool.
The innovative structure enables the wearer to easily detach and attach the multi-tool to the belt, without having to remove the belt. The belt adjusts to the waistline, without the need for holes for an accurate fit, and will fit most belt loops.
Once the multi-tool is removed the belt is washable and quick drying, making it suitable for daily outdoor wear.
Belt measures 118cm in length.

Phillips Screwdriver
Can Opener
Hook knife
Bottle Opener
Flat Screwdriver
Nail File
Small Scissors
SIM Card Pin
6-10mm wrench & base adapt hole

NexTool Multi Tool Belt Specifications & Features:

Brand NexTool
Product Material Stainless Steel/Polyester
Overall Length 46.5" (118.1cm)
Height 3mm (0.12")
Width 47.5mm (1.87")
Length 1180mm (46.46")
Weight 8.88oz (251.7 grams)