Opinel Nomad Cooking Set

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Opinel Nomad Cooking Set
The smart and compact kit for cooking in the great outdoors.  Perfect for family picnincs, camping trips and more.
This smart, tidy and compact kit includes the No10 with corkscrew and blade, The No12 with serrated 12cm blade, and the No6 Peeler.
You also get a beech cutting board and 3 in 1 cloth.
Specifications and Features:
3 pocket knives dedicated to the kitchen:
The No.10 corkscrew, 10cm blade to cut, slice like a paring knife and to open the wine bottles
No.12 with 12 cm serrated blade, as a bread knife, or to slice large fruits and vegetables
The No.06 peeler, very efficient blade to peel fruits and vegetables
Beech handle
Stainless blades
Double security ring
+ 1 cutting board in beech size 20 x 12 x 1cm
+ 1 kitchen cloth 3 in 1: cloth, small tablecloth and carrying case, made of high quality microfibre for fast drying.